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Hi, I'm Wilhelmina Gone from the Philippines. You can call me Mina for short.
I have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service with minors in French and Spanish languages. I had a certificate in TESOL as well.
I've been an ESL teacher for about 13 years now. I taught online for 10 years and offline for 3 years.
For my hobbies and interests, well I just love watching K-Dramas, English movies and browsing the internet for some important news whether it is local or international. I also like watching videos related to the enhancement of my skills.
My years of experience as an ESL teacher and the different pieces of training I attended gave me proficiency in teaching, engaging, and encouraging the students who are non-English speakers to express themselves in English without fear or with confidence.
My expertise in teaching is for young learners and adults. I have a wide range of experience in terms of teaching English from Phonics to Conversational English.
I believe that building a strong connection with the students is one of the keys to keeping the lesson interesting.
My goal is to help my students achieve their greatest potentials to speak the English language with confidence anywhere in the world.
If there is anything that you would like to know about me, I would be glad to share it.
I will share my expertise with the students.
See you in class!!! :)



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