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I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, but it's surprising that I never thought I would change careers. I spent five years as a Senior Sales and Marketing professional before transitioning to ESL tutoring, allowing me to work comfortably from home. Teaching has become my passion. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people and learning about diverse cultures. In my free time, I love baking cakes, exploring different cuisines, and traveling. As an online ESL teacher, I am confident in my ability to be a charismatic and dependable instructor. With five years of experience providing educational assistance and instruction to learners of all ages, I understand that learning a new language can be challenging. However, I can assure you that during our class, I will guide you every step of the way and provide opportunities for you to speak English with confidence. In my class, we embrace mistakes and errors as opportunities for learning, not as reasons for discouragement. Together, we will focus on improving your grammar, listening, pronunciation, and communication skills, creating a lively and engaging learning environment. Furthermore, if you're seeking a competent online tutor, I am also TEFL and TESOL certified!

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