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Teacher Clara Mae

1845 Buổi dạy
39 Học viên

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I have been professionally teaching since 2010. However, I started my teaching journey even before I finished my degree. My very first teaching opportunity was at my alma mater. I acted as a substitute teacher and an on-the-job teacher trainee. Right after graduating in 2010, the school director immediately hired me as one of their teaching staff. I spent two years with them, then I decided to put up my own private tutorial services. It was a boom for two years. It was also the same year I passed and got my professional teacher's license. Right after that, I got a position as a kindergarten volunteer teacher at a government institution. It was 2013, and after a year, I got a permanent teaching position in the next town. That was where I spent my seven years as a kindergarten teacher. But due to the pandemic, there were a lot of changes in plans. That's when I decided to get a TEFL and TESOL certificate and become an ESL teacher.



In my first year as a teacher in our town, I have taught 1st graders up to 6th graders, and teaching them language and history was very fun. Although we are not in a country where English is the first language, our school obliges each and every staff member and student to speak English all the time. Considering that it is a private institution, I had a great relationship with my students and their parents. After two years with them, my tutorial services blossomed. I mainly focused on reading and writing the English language. I had school-aged students ranging from 5 to 16 years old. I must say the students and their parents loved me so much that I had to break it to them gently that I have to opt off of public school teaching; therefore, I can no longer focus on the private tutorials. After leaving the tutorial, my life as a government teacher started. I had been in the service generally for 8 years. 1 year as a volunteer and 7 years as a permanent government teacher. Although I was handling kindergarten pupils, I made it to a point to teach them English. Though not required, I thought why not start learning English at an early age? And so I did, and I was successful. The parents were very happy to hear their children speaking English words with correct pronunciations. But when the pandemic came, I had to give it up for some personal reasons. Then, I started to become an ESL teacher and got a TEFL certificate. My very first ESL students were Chinese, ages 3 and up. I must say that teaching the English language is very fun and engaging.



As an ESL teacher, I usually assess the ability of my students right off as we start with the introduction. That way, I will know what approach to teaching I will use. I always grade the level of instruction according to the student's ability. Since I have more experience teaching kids, I know how to motivate and encourage them to participate during the entire lesson. I tend to be a bit playful but still focused on the goal. But if a student is advanced, I usually let them do most of the speaking. All I do is just add some ideas, suggestions, and corrections, if any. I am very particular when it comes to proper pronunciation. I will exclusively communicate with you in English since I have found that immersion in the language is the most effective method of learning.

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