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As a Teacher

I have been teaching for a long time, I'm TEFL Certified with a degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education. As a Teacher, I am patient and approachable. Dealing with youngsters can be a tricky task, so being approachable is a must. Students should feel comfortable talking to their teacher openly and honestly, especially if they are struggling with schoolwork. I also believe that being a teacher carries great responsibility. Helping students learn and become better versions of themselves is why I strive to do my very best to see my students smile and improve.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

I am enthusiastic, which is especially important for my students. Feeling a sense of enthusiasm from their teacher will inspire them to learn and apply themselves better. Positivity breeds positivity, so it is crucial to create a happy environment for young people to thrive in. Let's learn English with Me! and make learning fun. we will focus on Phonics, Grammar, Pronunciation, and conversational English, so you'll be speaking confidently in no time. Join My class and let's have a joyful English learning journey together!


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