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My journey as an ESL Teacher started in 2015.  But my passion in teaching started long way back.  I have been a university educator since 1996.  I am a graduate of Computer Science in 1995. Just like any other graduates of a technology course, I dreamed of becoming the best in my chosen career. But due to a family situation, I was forced to start my journey in the academe.  Even though my mentors in college told me I have the skills in teaching, it wasn't my dream to become one.

The first 3 years were a struggle.  Then came the fourth, the fifth and the succeeding years.  I suddenly found myself enjoying the time spent with my students.  Having been able to witness how such young minds could grow into responsible, matured individuals gives me great satisfaction of being one of their mentors.  Yes, teaching is mentorship.  We open the doors to possibilities, students explore what's inside.  Since then, I never look at it as just a job where I earn a living.  I also consider it a passion that I truly enjoy.

After leaving the university setting in 2013 in order to focus on my role as a wife and a mother of three kids, for the next 2 years I have been longing to do my passion.  To teach. So, I started my journey in online teaching in 2015.  I was tagged a kids' teacher in one of the leading ESL Company in China where I also passed my TEYL and TESOL training. But my students weren't limited to kids.  I have students from all ages including adult professionals who wanted to practice their English skills by booking a free talk class. Since then, I am enjoying my passion, teaching, while having the best quality time with my kids at home.

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