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hi, I'm Cel from the Philippines,
and I've been a dedicated English teacher for over 6 years now.
My passion for teaching has led me to work with students
from diverse backgrounds, including Chinese,
Korean, Japanese, Mongolian, and Taiwanese learners.

I hold both TESOL and TEFL certificates,
which have equipped me with valuable teaching techniques and methodologies.
My teaching expertise spans from young learners as little as
3 years old to high school students,
where I focus on essential skills like phonics,
numbers, and shapes in a fun and nurturing environment.

I'm equally adept at teaching adult students,
guiding them through engaging discussions on business English,
current topics, daily news articles, and facilitating free talks.
My main goal is to ensure that my students develop their reading,
listening, speaking, and writing skills effectively.

As an enthusiastic English teacher,
I strive to create an enjoyable and productive learning atmosphere
for all my students, regardless of their age or proficiency level.
I firmly believe in continuous improvement and am always excited
to embark on new language-learning journeys with my students.

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