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I have more than 2 years of experience as a Certification Assistant at PEAC (Private Education Assistance Committee), where I oversee certification activities for private schools participating in the ESC program, a government funded program that provides subsidies to participating and eligible students and teachers.

Additionally, I have been an online ESL teacher for more than three years now. Previously, I spent three years in Software Quality Assurance, gaining expertise in testing, quality control, and implementation. My career began as an Underwriting Assistant at a non-life insurance company.

With a diverse background, I have earned strong skills in attention to detail, adaptability, communication, and delivering high-quality results.

Being a Filipino, I'm also a learner of a second language, so you can trust that I fully understand the beauty, and struggles, of learning a new language. Allow me to guide you in achieving your English language goals! With that, I look forward to having you in my class. I hope to see you real soon!

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