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Teacher Kimberly

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  • She started working as an ESL teacher at 20 year old after she graduated her degree in Education.
  • Her teaching style is always student-centered - inclusive and constructive.
  • She's very open-minded and she loves learning new things that why she chose to be a teacher.
  • She travelled all the way to Thailand and stayed there for one month to learn Thai education system.
  • She was an active student-leader and writer when she was in the university.
  • She's from the Philippines and she can speak four language and dialects, this includes Tagalog, English, Pangasinan and Ilocano.
  • She likes taking pictures and filming landscapes. She's into nature and poetry.
  • Aside from her enthusiasm to photography, she loves travelling to different places.
  • She loves the sunset, sunrise and sound of nature.
  • Her pets are named after anime characters.
  • She's into astronomy and astrology. She loves the moon and the stars.
  • She also enjoy watching documentaries, anime, sci-fi movies and TV series.
  • She spends her time reading books, bingewatching and eating.
  • Her music playlist is organized based on her mood.

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